Our Story


Kreis means circle, resembling our circular economy model based on the regeneration of natural materials into a sustainable product providing an alternative to disposable single-use plastic and paper products and aims to replace the end-of-life concept of used coffee grounds.

As natives of Colombia, 3rd country top exporter of coffee in the world,  Ricardo and Daniela have always been in love with the magical qualities of coffee. Inherently curious, they began asking why such a beautiful and remarkable resource has always been treated as waste. Following a few home experiments, the Coffee Kreis journey began. 

After years of researching, they've teamed up with professionals from product design, engineering, and manufacturing, and partnered with coffee roasters, shops and distributors to fulfill this dream of transforming the coffee industry. The outcome? Everyday products made of natural and plant-based materials, and an ongoing commitment to transform coffee in a sustainable way.

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